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2nd SQD, 11th ACR Charter


The 2nd Squadron, 11th Armor Cavalry Regiment is newly into the Steel Beasts Community, and the different personalities within the ACR are vast. We feel it is necessary to lay out a clear set of rules and guidelines on how we expect our members to conduct themselves and what is expected of them. This may appear pretty straightforward, however all 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR members are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.
An important aspect of our Wing is mutual respect for one another. If you don’t respect your fellow wing members, then you cannot expect respect in return. This also applies to how we treat people outside of the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR where you will be representing the ACR. We do not tolerate lack of respect inside or outside of the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR.

Honesty and integrity play important roles in the culture of the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR. It’s extremely important that everyone within the ACR be able to share their honest opinion with each other in a respectful and constructive manner. Honesty is important for the friendships we have within the ACR, so if you feel you cannot be honest then perhaps the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR is not the place for you. Online play/communication provides a sense of anonymity. Words are powerful and feelings can be injured easily. Please be mindful of your tone-spoken and/or written.

In the "Pit” it is expected that you are working towards the goal the team is attempting to accomplish. Individual play is discouraged as the nature of our sim depends on teamwork within your assigned role. Mission Commanders have the utmost authority during missions in order to accomplish the task at hand and to safely RTB the base.

ACR Rules

• All members must be at least 18 years of age.

• All members must demonstrate a good attitude and friendly personality. By joining the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR you become a representative of the ACR. This goes beyond your conduct and behavior to fellow ACR members and extends to the public communities.

• Disputes with fellow ACR members should never be aired in an open environment-TeamSpeak, Discord or the forums.

• Members should be mature enough to understand we sometimes agree to disagree and are encouraged to work their differences out with each other in private.

• Personal attacks and/or Racism will not be tolerated.

• All members must respect the Chain of Command set within the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR.

• We welcome new ideas; however, they must be vetted through proper channels. Any official video's, documents, procedures, events etc. must be authorized by the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR Command staff.

• Any member that has not attended a 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR event in a 60-day period will be considered a reserve member

• Any member that has not attended a 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR event in a 180-day period will be considered an inactive reserve member mean will not be displayed on our Roster.

• All in general we all have our Personal Life’s and Families Matters that we Must put First before all games.


All 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR members are encouraged to report situations in which they feel they or others are mistreated or that an abusive situation has taken place, to their Squadron CO/XO or to ACR Command.

Progressive Discipline

Disciplinary action will include the following actions for violations of the 2nd SQD, 11th ACR Charter.

• Verbal Warning

• Written Warning

• Suspension of membership privileges

• Termination of membership (Required to go before the Review Board)

Immediate Dismissal from the 2nd SQD, 11th ACR

Depending upon the degree of the situation, it may be necessary to immediately dismiss a member from the 2nd Sqd, 11th ACR Such situations will be required to pass before a Review Board in which no less than 5 ACR Members will review the situation and make a vote as to the status of the member.

The Review Board will have the responsibility of keeping minutes and making them available to the membership upon request.

Review Board

The review board will consist of the following ACR member positions:

• 1 member representing ACR Command - CO/XO or OPS

• 2 members representing Squadron Commands - CO/XO (One of which will be the member in question's Commander)

• 2 Line Commanders